Cosmetic dentistry

If you are not satisfied with your teeth, the color or the shape or position, tell us. We will work with you to the most viable endeavor. What techniques are most suitable, depending on the condition of each tooth individually. Thus, for one tooth white filling is a nice solution, while another tooth is better off with a veneer or porcelain crown. Prerequisite for decorating teeth, gums are healthy, underlying bone and good oral hygiene.

For one as beautiful as possible end result, your dentures, veneers and / or crowns and bridges manufactured by leading dental technicians using only first class materials.

White fillings
Often old fillings in teeth are made of metallic materials (amalgam). Because this (dark) gray in color, they fall out of tune with the rest of your teeth. In our practice, you can amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings of composite or porcelain.

Veneers are thin veneers of composite or porcelain that are placed on your teeth. It is a nice and simple solution to crooked or discolored teeth with masking or broken corners and crevices between teeth invisible.

White teeth with BriteSmile
There are few cosmetic treatments such as fast crisp result if bleaching your teeth. The PrevDent treatment at WIT gives you in an hour naturally white teeth, without any effort. For more information visit our website WIT or ask our dentist about the options.

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