Teeth whitening with the PrevDent method

Everyone has based a radiant white smile. But our consumption ensures that our teeth slowly but surely more yellow. Coffee, tea, cigarettes and wine are well known examples. It is perfectly normal for your teeth discoloration. It happens – to a greater or lesser extent – to everyone. How natural phenomenon, all you need is not satisfied to take. White teeth are now also available for you!

The technology uses WIT is the PrevDent method. Teeth whitening with this method is so advanced and effective that shining white teeth for you in a very simple manner can be realized. The only thing you need for a denture that nine shades whiter than your current color, is a treatment of one hour. Optimal results with minimal effort so!

In summary we can say that teeth whitening with the PrevDent method

– Fast, safe and effective working
– You just white teeth in an hour gives

– A relatively low percentage of hydrogen peroxide

– With specially developed equipment works

– The only method with extensive research and safety studies.

– Teeth, actually, an average of eight shades whiter

In short: An optimal result, with minimal effort!

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